bag boy
some people say
Woven with a huge net, will you need something to fill in . Then you started the game.
Because the understanding, know the attributes, your game is so intense, even to more fully at the energy to considering a known things makes your life, just to be on the game.
Know whyMaggie Beauty好唔好people like to play games? Because there are many people who are also playing this game, in this network agitation, but they are bound by the act, the road but they cultivated.
Even if the game has ended, even if some people say; even some of them all; even some people lost everything; even if only mobile mm, they were trying to.
People are poor, have to have people lazy, and even some evil at heart, the body is full of vulgar, if someone can abandon his appearance, not being afraid to touch, but its complement each other, respect such as object, the ceremony, understandMaggie Beauty好唔好the mind, not Gou Yan, not laugh a, hair. Waving the name, put aside all forget yourself, aren't you afraid of their own level is not enough?
A net is most afraid of is the wire has been broken, and can't repair. This one second of fall, rise the next second, even know the most level but on, but they can have the ability of people, not every person have no use.
Of course, some of the equipment is rich, powerful, high level of the people is not only to the immediate network. They know through the network is they have not seen and waiting for them to find outside.
We don't know who is in control of us, we do not know the total objective way.
Mediocrity isMaggie Beauty好唔好not good, when the glory dazzling we stood on the highest point, but yearn for unmanned. Think back to the past, although there has been a dull but does not mean no one wanted, what we need is the sublimation of the soul, so we go forward, in the exploration, looking for, finally found the answer, leave.
Can the game after all just a game, even if it gets too real, even if it was so busy, finally has ruined when, not someone else's destruction, we cannot go on, enough of the repressed, enough of the time of suffering, and finally killed hematemesis, defeat to their.